What are running Shoes and How to choose them

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When we talk about running as a sport, there always is a topic of discussion about the most primary equipment while running. I.e., Shoes. Although, other pieces of equipment such as shorts, t-shirts, gels, and more that complete a perfect running gear is another broad topic of discussion that we will touch on later.

Similarly, when we talk about runners, there exist two of their types. A runner who runs with a shoe and a Barefoot runner, which we will talk about in our future blogs. For now, Bhaago India brings you a deep dive into running Shoes as a topic of discussion.

Foremost companion of a runner

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Running as a sport is an expensive one, where most compatible and recommended shoes by renowned Brands can have a monetary height of up to Rs 40,000+. However, amateur runners tend to invest comparatively lower, and that is where most hurdles get in the way, on which we would put some light going forward.

So the big question remains,

How do we choose our Running Shoes?

Running Shoes can not be selected by random colors and reviews of general buyers listed on any E-commerce website like Amazon. These shoes need much more attention and consideration of several aspects before buying them. Therefore, the primary question to ask yourself while buying them is…

Are your shoes really running shoes? 

If you are an amateur runner buying shoes to run, you should consider several aspects before selecting one. The primary one is to look for its sole. Running shoes will have a stiffer sole and wide cushioning (more than 1 inch) that support comfort and injury-free races as runners tend to strike the ground with much force.

Stiff and steady sole!

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The next most important thing is to look for the shoes’ heel height. A running shoe will have a flared and built-up heel to provide extra stability to runners who strike the ground by mid-foot or the forefoot relying on the type of runner they are.

Different shoes are designed for runners depending on what portion of their foot is used to strike the ground. Moreover, several other aspects define what sort of a runner you are. So, the next question you should ask yourself while buying a pair of running Sneakers remains the same.

What kind of a Runner are you?

Not every runner is similar to the others. This myth leads to wrong influential decisions made by most amateur runners.

 Just because your experienced coach or a runner you like wears a specific shoe does not mean it will work for you in the same way it does for them.

So, defining your own needs is essential.

Misconception leads to injuries!

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Someone new to running will require a beginner-friendly investment of Rs 3000-4000 for a good pair of running shoes. However, several other factors, such as paying attention to your foot movement, defining your perfect size, and the sort of tracks you choose for running, are crucial.

Watch out for the way your foot moves. Does it rotate too much? If it does, go for stability or Motion Control Shoes, designed with lesser flexibility that helps your stability and prevents injuries from too much rotation.

Overpronation and Underpronation

Pay more attention when your foot strikes the ground. Naturally, your foot will pass on the landing impact to the balls of your foot. However, if the impact is higher and your food rolls outward, you Overpronate. And, if it is lesser and your foot rolls inwards, you Underpronate.

Overpronation and Underpronation are common yet underrated issues for most runners that need much more attention which we will cover in future blogs. There are separate shoes that prevent these problems for individual runners going through them. So make sure to check yours before buying!

Choose your shoes!

Be mindful of your stability!

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Once you have considered all these factors, you are safe enough to go for your Brand choice, the perfect size, Cushioning either Hard or Soft based on your comfort, and of course set your budget. 

Just make sure to try them on and have a quick run before checkout, and do replace them when they are perfectly worn off. Remember, 

A shoe is not to be used forever!



Edited by Faiz Alam

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