Running Hacks for Beginners

Subhechcha Ganguly

There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul. - Kristin Armstrong


Running has major physical and mental health benefits. However, a lot of people are still in doubt about beginning their journey as a runner! These are some tips that can help you to gear up to begin your training.

Staying hydrated is the key

This is a sport that helps burn a lot of calories. The breathing time one gets while running is lower than walking and many other exercises. Thus, you need to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated for a long period of time.

Warming up is necessary

The process where one performs several basic exercises like stretching, stand jogging, etc is commonly known as warmups. This is mainly done to avoid wear and tear in the ligaments. It is important as this sport requires a lot of energy and thus, one needs to prepare their body for this extensive workout.

Wearing a comfortable attire

Clothing that helps you to be at ease and maximize your performance is very necessary. A lot of beginners tend to complain about excessive perspiration as the body takes time to get used to running. Thus, one should grab appropriate set of sneakers that provide proper support while taking a sprint. Fabrics that support proper ventilation like cotton is mostly suggested.

Increase the pace with passing days

One should start off with a slow pace for the first couple of days. This would help the body to get used to running and help to avoid cramps. One can start running just for 10 minutes in a day and can increase the pace after seven days. This method is very helpful for beginners.

These are a few tips that can help beginners to kickstart their running journey. In addition to these, adequate nutrition and working on your stamina while the training is also important. You should have a balanced meal with all ingredients including protein, vitamins, etc. in your diet so that you could extract maximum benefits from this sport.


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