What is BhaagoIndia All About

Arghya(argo) Saha

It was after the first lockdown of March 2020 that the need for a supportive community of runners was realised, and a few months later, this acted as a catalyst in giving shape to this concept. Our Story puts forward how the idea of BhaagoIndia came into existence.


BhaagoIndia is aimed at bringing about a positive change in the field of marathon running. There has been substantial growth in the number of runners in India in the last couple of decades but the whole field can use streamlining and an organised system for people to make better use of the available information and community altogether. 


Running, besides a sport, is a journey, and we are here to accompany you while you prepare for this amazing experience. We are here to learn from each other’s experiences and gain inspiration from the best. Tips, techniques, methods – anything and everything – help us become better runners. 


Running as a sport does not have a core community that can help new runners to expand their knowledge and master it. BhaagoIndia will provide a platform that will help bring runners together and build a community that would be a one-stop solution to all the problems that runners face.


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