Our Story

In the spring of 2019, our founder Arghya (Argo) embarked on a transformative journey with a modest 2.5-kilometer run one weekend evening in May. Little did he know that this simple act would set in motion a life-changing passion for running that would touch countless lives.
After that initial run, a wave of relaxation, calmness, and newfound energy washed over Argo. Running became his refuge, a therapeutic outlet to cope with stress and anxiety. What started as a modest 2.5-kilometer run quickly evolved into an upward spiral of achievements – 5 kilometers, 8 kilometers, 10 kilometers – with no limits in sight. Argo had discovered his calling, and the world of running opened up before him.

For Argo, running wasn't just about physical exercise; it became a gateway to mental well-being. Whether faced with personal challenges or professional pressures, a brief 30-minute run had the power to transform his mood and infuse him with a positive outlook on life. It was through running that he found solace and the motivation to become a better version of himself.
As his passion grew, so did his desire to connect with like-minded individuals who shared his enthusiasm for running. However, he encountered a roadblock - a lack of accessible and relevant resources. The existing platforms were either too overwhelming or lacking in information tailored to Indian runners. Argo completed his first full marathon, the prestigious Tata Mumbai Marathon, within just eight months of starting his running expedition.
As fate would have it, the world underwent a drastic change during the lockdown. With gyms shuttered and other sports activities suspended, people turned to running for solace and exercise. more and more individuals sought his advice and insights on how to get started.
Inspired by the overwhelming demand for guidance, Argo began to envision a platform that would cater to the specific needs of Indian runners. Drawing from the feedback of over 50 runners in his circle, the idea of 'Bhaago India' was born.

In late 2021, Argo's vision found support in Gunjan and Rahul, who joined the mission to democratize running in India. Together, they set out to create a one-stop platform for runners, regardless of their experience level. Whether you're an experienced marathoner or a novice contemplating taking your first steps, Bhaago India has something special in store for each one of you.
The vision is clear - to be the ultimate hub for all running needs in India. Bhaago India aspires to be the go-to destination where runners can find camaraderie, expert advice, motivation, and everything else needed to nurture their passion for running.

But the Bhaago India team didn't stop there. In December 2022, they launched 'Habit Run' a monthly event that has become incredibly popular in Bengaluru, especially among beginner runners. This heartfelt initiative encourages individuals to embrace running as a habit and a way of life.
Taking place on the last weekend of every month in various picturesque locales across Bengaluru, Habit Run serves as a catalyst for newcomers to take their first stride into the world of running. With limited slots to ensure personalized attention, every participant receives guidance and support throughout the 5-kilometer run. Experienced running volunteers are on hand to mentor and motivate groups of beginners, making sure each runner completes the run with a sense of accomplishment.
If you've ever dreamt of running, Habit Run is the perfect platform for you. Whether you're new to running or looking for your first 5-kilometer event, this beginner-friendly run promises an experience like no other. Hundreds of runners have successfully crossed the finish line and celebrated their first 5-kilometer milestone through Habit Run.
No matter your age, fitness level, or experience, Habit Run extends a warm welcome to all aspiring runners. The event's family-friendly atmosphere makes it ideal for those who wish to share the joy of running with their kids, family, and friends.

People Behind the Community

Profile Picture of Founder Arghya (argo) Saha | Bhaago India



Argo is an IIT Bombay alumni, who has worked in startups like Healthifyme, Postman, etc. He loves endurance sports and currently preparing for half Ironman. BhaagoIndia is his way of giving back to the running community

Profile Picture of Founder Arghya (argo) Saha | Bhaago India


Race Director

A CA & fitness trainer by profession, a runner by passion, and a mother of two. She grew up in Pradhikaran, Pune; is based in Banglore and started her running journey in Singapore. “Running gives me my space, my me time! When I'm happy I run when I'm angry I run when I'm excited I run. It neutralizes the emotions.”