Conquering the Impossible: My Journey of Running 10,000km in 119 Days

Team Bhaago India

Meet Vishak Krishnaswamy, the unstoppable ultra-runner from India, whose passion for running knows no bounds. Having conquered numerous ultra-marathons, he now embarks on an audacious challenge: running 10,000km in just 119 consecutive days. Inspired by Terry Fox's legendary legacy and driven by an insatiable thirst for existence, Vishak takes us on a mesmerizing journey of determination, pushing the boundaries of human potential. Join him as he defies the odds, embraces the mental battle, and showcases the true power of dreams. In a world where impossible is just a word, Vishak's story urges us all to dare, believe, and achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams.

The Inspiration: Terry Fox's Legacy

The seed of this monumental challenge was sown by none other than Terry Fox, a remarkable athlete who ran with one leg amputated, covering over 3300 miles across Canada, at a distance of 42.195km every day. Terry's inspiring journey of perseverance and determination motivated Vishak to push his limits and discover the true essence of living.

The Motivation: A Journey of Existence

For Vishak, this challenge is more than just running an unimaginable distance. It's about experiencing the feeling of being alive, of truly existing. He craves the thrill of conquering obstacles and pushing beyond his limits. The desire to accomplish great things and inspire others to chase their dreams fuels his determination.

The Mental Battle: The Real Challenge

Throughout this journey, the biggest hurdle has been the mental battle. Some days are tough, and doubts creep in. But quitting was never an option. Vishak finds strength in thinking about his family, his son, and all the people who supported him from the beginning. The thought of all those who followed his progress online through GPS tracking devices keeps him going. That little blue dot has to keep moving forward, and he can't let anyone down. The mental game is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

The Difficult Part: Weather and Adaptation

The weather throws its fair share of challenges at Vishak. Humid conditions make it hard for his body to adapt quickly, but patience becomes his ally. He has to take his time and stay persistent, knowing that each step brings him closer to his goal.

The Three Stages: 22km, 40km & 22km

To make this dream a reality, Vishak divides the distance into three manageable stages: 22km, 40km, and 22km, adding up to 84km every day. Running in a continuous loop of 2km in Dombivili, 90ft Road, he embarks on this incredible journey, one step at a time.

Fueling the Journey: A Few Numbers

As Vishak embarks on this extraordinary odyssey, he goes through 20 pairs of shoes, burns a staggering 6500-7000 calories every day, and takes an average of 30 pit stops for snacks while walking. Running an average of 84 kilometers daily, he dedicates about 10 hours each day to his passion.

A Message of Inspiration

Vishak hopes that his daring pursuit will inspire people worldwide to believe in themselves and their dreams. He recognizes the power of inspiration, having been motivated by others in his life. He now aims to spark the same fire in others, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations and achieve their goals.


As Vishak continues on this awe-inspiring odyssey, he invites each of us to join him in celebrating the power of the human spirit. Terry Fox's legacy ignited his journey, and he hopes his story sparks a fire within all of us too. Let's all dare to push our limits, embrace challenges, and discover the true essence of living. Remember, the magic lies in believing in ourselves and reaching for the stars. Together, we can conquer the impossible!

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