[OFFER] SKF Goa River Marathon - Biggest Event in Town

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One of the most sought-after marathons in India, The SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF GRM), is back with its 12th edition. The marathon will take place on December 11 and has a distance of 42.195 KM.

Why is the marathon such a big deal?

  • The SKF Goa River Marathon's AIMS-certified route extends all the way to the scenic river backdrop, shaded trail, and busy streets. 
  • It will start at the village of Chicalim and go alongside Goa's breathtakingly beautiful Zuari river. You will be running on buttery smooth roads while savoring the cool morning breeze. You will be in awe with every mile of this course as you run alongside this lovely river.
  • According to National Geographic Traveller, it is listed among the top 10 marathons in the world.
  • The SKF Goa River Marathon will also have pre-event runs in several Goa locations prior to the main event, along with specialized "How-to" workshops to support both beginners and experienced runners in prepping for the marathon.

A programme designed by SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF-GRM) will take you from no fitness to running 10 kilometers.

The best thing, though? The training is absolutely free.

Details of the Event

Event Date - 11 December 2022

Flag Off Time - 4:30 AM Onwards
Last Registration Date - Will be notified in due course of time

Starting Time of the runs

Marathon04:30 AM
Half Marathon06:00 AM
10km Run06:45 AM
5km Fun Run or Walk08:30 AM

Eligibility for the Timing Certificate

MARATHONCross the finish line in 6 hrs., 30 minutes.
HALF MARATHONCross the finish line in 3 hrs., 15 minutes.
10KM RUNCross the finish line in 1 hrs. and 45 minutes.

At 11:00 a.m., timing mats will be taken down.

There will be some partial traffic after 10:30 am, and thereafter driving will be permitted. After 11:00 a.m., anyone still running with their event bib will be pulled off the course and given a ride home. The local law enforcement has instructed this to be done for the participants' safety.

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Event Categories

  • Marathon (42.195 Km)
  • Half Marathon (21.0975 Km)
  • 10K Run
  • 5K Run or Walk

Registration Cost (5% off only for today)

  • Marathon:             INR 2150/- 2040/- 
  • Half Marathon:     INR 1,850/- 1760/- 
  • 10K Run:               INR 1350/- 1280/-
  • 5K Run or Walk:   INR 600/- 570/-


Category-wise Prize money

Be assured that there is something exciting at the end of this dream run. There is cash money for the marathon, half marathon and 10K run categories. 

There is no prize for the 5K run. It is a fun, non-competitive run.


You will receive cash prize in addition to the incredible scenic splendor of getting to run while witnessing the sunrise. There is a prize pool of INR 2,70,000/- for this category.

Half Marathon

It's exciting to be at the starting line of a major running event. What place would be even superior? The end.
Finishing a marathon is a huge thrill. Additionally, it makes the winners feel even better when a great prize is waiting for them. There is a prize pool of INR 1,70,000/- for this category.

10K Run

All runners strive to feel the rush of excitement that comes with reaching the finish line and smiling at the cameras. The prize is the frosting on the cake.

There is a prize pool of INR 1,70,000/- for this category.

5K Run or Walk

No prize, it is a fun, non-competitive run.

For a detailed breakdown of the prize money, you can click here.

The Marathon Route

Chicalim Panchayat grounds, alto Chicalim, Vasco da Gama, will be the host location for the renowned SKF Goa River Marathon. 

  • The exact distance of the SKF Goa River Marathon route is 21.097 kilometers. 
  • Participants in the 42.195-kilometer marathon will run this path twice.

 Visit this URL for the Google Map to the Venue.

Route Map

The Route Map is perhaps the most important aspect of any marathon. Here is the detailed picture of the route maps.


Route Map for Marathon


Route Map for Half-Marathon

10K Run

Route Map for 10K Run

5K Run

Route Map for 5K Run

Precautionary measures of all kinds will be implemented

You won't have any grounds to complain whether you choose to run, walk, complete the marathon, the 5 KM, or anything else in between. 

World-class preparations have been taken.

  • The SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF-GRM) will set up hydration stations at regular intervals (every 1 to 1.5 kilometers) to make sure that the participants are properly hydrated. 
  • There are medical aid personnel at every alternative hydration station. Five emergency response ambulances will also be patrolling the route. 
  • At least six hours will pass with no vehicular traffic on the route.
  • With SKF-GRM, assistance is always accessible because race officials will be roving the course all the while. By carefully positioning the photographers, they ensured maximum coverage and increased opportunities for our participants to be captured on camera.

Do not worry; there will be great entertainment, so there won't be any room for dullness.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves registered for the marathon because it is going to be a fun ride.

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