How to Begin Running?

Shanthi Krishnan

An extremely low-maintenance sport is running. Once it becomes part of the routine, you will progressively begin to recognize all of its benefits. So, let's debunk some myths before we get started with the guide on how to start running if you're a beginner.

Some Common Myths About Running

There is a specific age criterion

That is incorrect. Anyone can run. There is no entry barrier. You are encouraged to start running regardless of whether you are 5 years old or 70 years old. Just ensure you are healthy and free of any illnesses.

Taru Mateti Busting Age Criterion Myth

Overweight people are unable to run

This is a pretty common misconception. Your physical weight does not come into play. You might begin running slowly if your weight is on the higher end. You will eventually improve as a runner with practice and time.

I will not run an event till I am able to run continuously 

A lot of people start their journey and then don’t participate in events because they can’t run continuously. They’re worried that they might end up walking in the event. But that’s completely fine! There is no rule that you can’t walk in an event. 

An event comes with a lot of energy and running an event only makes you want to do it more. So if you have started your running journey do participate in an event if possible in three months. 

Basic Steps to Start Running

Dipti Jain

Get a thorough health examination

Making sure there are no significant health concerns should be your priority. Obtain a clearance from your primary care doctor.

Put on comfy clothes

Get the appropriate running shoes before you start your run. To avoid chaffing, dress comfortably in dry-fit garments. For the best support, it is advised that women wear sports bras.

Set realistic, attainable goals

Start with a 5K goal. Your main objective should be to complete the run without giving the timing any thought. Start by running and resting frequently to walk. Spend adequate time preparing for your goal. Eventually, increase the ratio of running to walking.

Tips to Help You Run Better

Warm-up and cool-down pre- and post-run are very important

If you are a beginner, start the right way. Begin with warm-up drills and finish with cool-down stretches. Make that a habit. Don’t just put your shoes on and go for a run

Develop your strength

Hemant Singh

Focus on developing your muscle strength on the days you are not running. Maybe you can devote three days a week to running and the other days to working on your muscles.

Join a group that runs

You can make new friends and learn more about running when you join a running group. You have a large circle of people with whom you can share your triumphs. Remember, at the end of the day, the goal is to have fun! 

Last but not the least, keep in mind that you are your competition. Avoid comparing yourself with others. Always strive to be the best version of yourself.

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