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Bhaago India community aims to promote and empower all the women runners out there exclusively as we believe that a truly empowered women has the ability to uplift and add value to the lives of other people, starting with herself. There’s an utter need for change for the women who are still confined
to the four walls of their house, who sacrifice their dreams for others, and those who fear starting to do something for themselves. We wish to inspire all those women through our community to claim their power, see themselves from a different perspective, and RUN to find their new selves while on their way. We believe that one day you definitely will break the bars and achieve countless milestones not only in terms of running but also health. Talking about the health benefits that come along with running, it helps you lose excessive weight, gives you mental clarity, regulates your menstrual cycle, and
many more.

“We humans are amazing. We can do anything if we put our mind to it.”
~ Liza Maria Powell

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