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KRANTI SALVI, an engineer with a master's in computer science, is the Director of Alfa Group Of Companies (looks after office automation, equipment, etc.) and is a housewife who has been running for over a decade now. 

When Kranti’s son Chirag was in the primary stage, the class teacher suggested Kranti get him enrolled in some physical activity to channel his high energy since he had an academically monotonous routine. She took him to a nearby park and signed him up for athletics. While her son was being trained, Kranti started walking around the park, closely watching her little kid. The tracks reminded her of her school days and felt a bundle of excitement at the thought of running on them.

With permission, she got entry to the field with the condition of specific event training. Thanks to excessive advertisements of the Mumbai marathon in her locality, it became the first goal she set for running. The coach made her run the Bombay city athletics competitions, in a 5K run where she won a silver medal! 

She completed the half marathon while her husband did the full at the first attempt at Mumbai Marathon in 2012.

Inspiring in BMW wearing a Saree!

“Every year my family does the Mumbai Marathon. Surprisingly, I attempted the full marathon the next year and even won it!”

Kranti shares that her whole family runs marathons along with vacationing and that’s how she kept on improving her time. Her progress and constant wins in the major events she takes up helped her gain brands like Puma’s attention and collaboration, TomTom sports watches company, and  Hydration and nutrition company Fast & Up.  She has also been felicitated with the best runner award by Mumbai Road Runners for four consecutive years.

She attempted the Boston Marathon in 2017; on finishing it, she noticed some people getting a ‘star medal’. On inquiring, she discovered that the six-star medal was for the ones who have completed all the World majors and became her next goal to conquer. At Berlin Marathon 2018, she attempted a Guinness World Record wearing a traditional nine-yard sari. The London Marathon was completed in October  2022 with a Guinness world record in traditional Welsh Dress.  And, Tokyo is the only one left out of the 6 World Majors series...  

Breaking stereotypes of dresses.

“Every time I’m running, I wanna make it more exciting and spice it with some challenge for personal growth.”

Kranti became a Guinness World Record Holder for being the fastest marathoner to run in Sari at Berlin Marathon and  Fastest Marathoner in a traditional welsh dress at the London Marathon. She claims that running has given her an identity, a recognition that she is trying to give back to the community and society as a whole by:

  • Giving guidance for free - Kranti holds a coaching certificate from the American college of sports medicine marathon dedicating much of her time and energy to training women at Chaupati every Saturday morning.

When the women of the house are fit, they build up the discipline and positivity around bringing order to chaos.

  • Beach clean-ups - A thought for her surroundings and an initiative to make the world a better place to live in.
  • Support ‘Save Aarey.
  • She and her son have been cycling to commute to nearby places since 2020 to minimize emissions.
  • Conservation of resources followed in daily routine to reduce the carbon footprint.
The fastest marathoner dressed in Saree!

A small drive like running has really changed and transformed me towards a better and healthier life.”

  • Taking out time for herself was one of the biggest challenges she faced, but according to her, once one starts liking something, one tries to prioritize them. 
  • Leaving home and traveling just for her race was ‘no.’

Kranti started enrolling her whole family, so no one was left behind, as she wasn’t all by herself. 

  • Tight busy schedule as a housewife.

She barely participates in ultra marathons, as they consume more training and practice, limiting herself to just marathons.

Though she has participated in  a few Ultras, 

  • Tata Ultra - Lonavala, 60km
  • Comrades - South Africa, 90km
  • A well-balanced diet, timetable, and social sacrifice
Passionate enough to run smiling

People now know I won’t attend any Saturday night functions since I have my Sunday longruns planned.

Kranti suggests women runners, specifically 40+, take this sport gradually and carefully, as huge physiological and hormonal changes affect the pace and recovery. She wants them to balance everything very well; work, house, people, nutrition, etc. She slams the stereotype surrounding running and periods by encouraging women to use extra long pads/ menstrual cups and skin-easy gel to avoid irritation/ cuts. 

She wants runners to share as much experience as possible for the new ones and others to learn and benefit from it. 

Gradual growth, scientific approach, never-ending passion.

"Training with a scientific approach will help one improve performance results with specific mileage in minimum period reducing the risk of getting injured.”

Having 16 International experiences till now, Kranti sees three prominent differences:

  • Road and air quality - Potholes and road safety. The 2nd half of a run in the Mumbai Marathon India gets much more difficult as there’s an increase in pollution with the rise in vehicle movement and very few trees to give fresher air and shade.
  • Crowd - In abroad, people line up to cheer and motivate the runners throughout the race by singing, dancing, clapping, and cheering.
  • Medical aid stations are improving nowadays with hospital tie-ups.

Personal Bests – 

5k 23:44 BCDAA Mumbai 2012

10k 48:49 KEM 10K 2018

21.1k 1:44:50 WNC Navy Half Marathon 2017

42.2k 3:47:25 Gold Coast Marathon Australia 


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