What are common Rookie mistakes made by Amateur runners?

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Running is an excellent form of exercise and a sport with numerous health benefits like Endurance, strength, cardiovascular betterment, and even stress relief that supports the overall growth of a sportsperson or a simple fitness enthusiast. There is a notable increase in running participation due to its easily accessible quality and minimal requirements. More and more people are making running a part of their daily activities!

Making running a habit.

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However, for an amateur runner, a lack of awareness and proper structure of its practice can lead to severe injuries. Several mistakes made by amateur runners decrease running merits. If you are an amateur runner and wonder what your practice in running should look like, how much is too much, and how to avoid injuries, this article will talk about all the Rookie mistakes made by amateur runners.

What are different Rookie mistakes while training?

For an individual new to running, there exists a lot of excitement and addiction to running when in the initial period. Runners try to acquire a well-worked pace and timings of their idol in less time. The Too Fast Too Early or Too Much Too Early mistake is more common than it may seem and a prevalent source of injuries while running.

Overdoing promotes non-doing

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It hinders the growth of one as a sportsperson and can also lead to severe injuries and dislocations of bones. So a well-defined structure and a gradual growth mentality while running are crucial.

Furthermore, running is a sport that requires more than just running as a form of exercise. This fact, however, is ignored, and amateurs tend to rely upon running as the only workout. The importance of strength training, warm-up, and cool-down that can ease up muscle strain and flexibility is as crucial as defining the proper schedule while working on pace and timing.

A proper running schedule will have adequate time to rest and recover from injuries that might develop while running. It is wiser to have a goal and a well-defined structure followed by proper rest and recovery days to accomplish the goal instead of following random plans and trends, irrespective of what works best for an individual runner.

Random plans and trends

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Rookie mistakes while dieting

Another important aspect of indulging in running as a sport is a proper diet; just because you run, you cannot eat anything you want! There is no denying that running burns calories, but fueling your body with proper nutrients and eating between the right intervals will help last longer on the field and preserve good energy to complete the race.

Assuming you can eat anything because you run.

Listen to a nutritionist or an experienced runner on what to eat while training, pre-race, mid-race, and post-race. However, the requirements of every individual might differ, so build an understanding and follow your own healthy diet.

Avoid junk and excess eating!

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Rookie mistakes pre and mid-race

Probably the most vital time for a runner is in the middle of the race. That is when the runner would never want to mess up and make a mistake. So the importance of avoiding every experiment with yourself, your food, and your attire is necessary. 

Wearing new attire or shoes on the race day without testing them first, may lead to a lot of discomfort, blisters, or chafing. Similarly, experimenting with new food just before a race may upset your stomach and lead to digestive problems and aches while running.

Comfortable gear!

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Furthermore, forgetting to use an anti-chafing cream, especially during the long run may lead to skin irritation and blisters on areas of your body prone to friction. Applying anti-chafing creams or gels on thighs, underarms, and other parts can prevent chafing.

In conclusion, Starting your running journey on the right foot means avoiding rookie mistakes. Pace yourself, prioritize strength training, integrate cross-training, warm up and cool down properly, fuel your body with nutritional food, set practical goals, and stay consistent. With patience and self-awareness, you'll achieve success and enjoy the benefits of this incredible sport. Happy running!



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