We are not competitors, but rather complementary! - Poonam and Avinash.

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Poonam and Avinash are an enthusiastic and passionate power couple from Mumbai. Avinash is an IT professional, and Poonam is a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. They started running together after witnessing an unfortunate event to their close relatives due to health issues. Their intent to run is to maintain both their physical and mental self. 

We don't see each other as competition but as our cheerleaders.

Nailing the Bengaluru 10k challenge!

Avinash and Poonam were so blindly enrolled in their daily routine that they rarely found time to prioritize their health and find time for running. Though, both of them discovered a need for running and started by enrolling themselves in the gym on a treadmill.

Furthermore, to break the monotony, they started running outdoors and ran together in the Bangalore 10k on 7th July 2018, which they recall as their favorite race, where Poonam got her personal best of 75 minutes! Avinash, throughout the race, ran alongside her and covered her proud movement for a wife as a runner.

We both run together when our days are gloomy, as running gives us happiness.

Initially, it was difficult for them to find time for running as they had two young kids back home alone. But they planned some short and long runs for themselves together. Soon, when their kids grew up, it was easy for both Poonam and Avinash to manage mutual timings.

"Constant push and pull"

Poonam recalls how Avinash is her constant support system where he helped her and gave tips to become better and gradually best at running. Whereas Avinash conveys that Poonam motivated him to run and jointly participate in many ultras and full marathons in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Tata Mumbai Marathon.

Poonam, a sports nutritionist, and a fitness trainer helped Avinash with his diet protocols, strength training, and necessary precautions. Both Avinash and Poonam remain complementary beings to one another.

We become happy for each other’s victories and celebrate them with love and pride.

Avinash and Poonam are individual achievers, but together they make a power couple and bring out the best in each other, where one is always present to cherish the victory of the other and help the other during their low times.

"We get the best out from each other"

Poonam recalls her self-doubt prevented her from running long distances unless Avinash encouraged her to register for the half Marathon on 12 February, where Avinash is ready to aid Poonam to attain her Personal best.

Furthermore, they set targets to quest for their finest potential and work on them as a team. The complementary gains enable them to be a better version of themselves and achieve wonders. Moreover, the support they inherit from each other reflects in the way both Avinash and Poonam run!

For amateur runners, this power couple suggests that…

  • Amateur runners should plan short and long runs through the weekdays as it helps them to develop the speed & endurance required for running.
  • They also suggest that amateur runners should add strength training & plan diets that contain all types of minerals and nutrients, it is not needed for them to be high-cost nutrition instead it can be what we consume daily but in controlled quantity.



Edited by Faiz Alam

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