Top woman runner and an Entrepreneur - Reeti Sahai

Reeti Sahai

Not everyone, especially runners! Stride ahead for a change beyond themselves and strive to make an impact on society. 
Today, we introduce you to Reeti Sahai, a familiar personality for running enthusiasts across Delhi-NCR. Reeti is a Six Star marathoner and a Guinness World record holder who kick-started her running journey 13 years ago. Furthermore, with an approach to expanding experiential learning, she created a community of her own called Run with Reeti, which currently has more than 200 active runners and growing.

Running for a change!

Being a woman of mettle, Reeti overcame some major hardships and numerous challenges related to safety concerns that came in her way of pursuing her passion. Running on the road entails a woman haggling with utmost challenges related to safety, awareness, and discouragement. As Reeti says, “being a woman requires you to always pre-plan your training tracks, and timings remain a significant setback for your growth”. 
Her holistic approach towards looking at running with focus yet enjoyable and its fruitful outcome is what made runwithreeti a huge success! Reeti inspires every woman stuck with social limitations and boundaries, and urges them to look beyond their family to follow a path that leads to peace of mind.
The vision behind runwithreeti is to get together like-minded individuals in a non-competitive environment, bringing a change in the way one looks at running as a sport. It aims to make running focused yet fun.

Inspiration for crowd.

After its formation in June 2021, when a handful of people joined. Currently, it is a community of more than 200 active runners, aided together not just to participate in races, but to share their experiences within the group, host events of their own, and inspire each other with every stride.
The active members are both GenZ and Millenials or older and belong to various walks of life as students, housewives, trainers, lawyers, doctors, and more. All sorts of runners, single-handedly led by their passion for the same, brought together by Reeti on one common platform!

Pride of the nation

Reeti, a true achiever and an absolute inspiration whose ideas, entrepreneurship, and bold actions put together is an example for many women out there who are restricted by the fear of the world. The seeds of her own achievements were sown with a belief in her dreams, aiding not just her but an entire community!



Edited by Faiz Alam

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