Ict Marathon 2023


Event Details

Dear Runners,

It is with great pleasure that we announce and invite you all to participate in the ICT MARATHON 2023, a climate awareness run, which will be held on March 26th, 2023 at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

ICT MARATHON 2023, a Climate Change awareness run is being organized by Sports Club of ICT. Climate change is the pressing issue of the hour, everywhere you go, you notice the irregular weather cycles. We've got landslides, floods, cyclones happening on such large scales and causing so much devastation. Climate change is an issue which cannot be ignored, it's something which has to be acted upon as soon as possible, and to do this, ICT Marathon intends on spreading awareness regarding this problem through our flagship event marathon. ICT Marathon has been contributing to every social cause with all its dedication. The marathon is open to people and children of all age groups and we want to encourage people to participate in our event.

EVENT DATE:- 26th March 2023

Why ICT Marathon?

Marathon's have always acted as a platform for different communities coming together and collaborating with each other towards common cause or problem faced by them. These marathon's have been the representation of unity and strength, and drawing on from these principles, ICT marathon is a flagship event started by the sports club of ICT to help give to the society. Every year, the proceeds of this event go towards charity and cause associated NGO's.

This marathon acts as a forum to publicize the cause related to the NGO's we tie up with.

Thus it is of great pride, to be a part of the ICT marathon, where everyone starts as equal and ordinary at the start line, but finishes as a HERO!


  • 5 Km Joy Run : - Joy Run for all where participants won't be timed.
  • 5 Km Timed Run :- This is a Timed run and the RFID timing chip will be provided.
  • 10 Km Timed Run : - This is a Timed run and the RFID timing chip will be provided.

Race Categories Ticket Cost (INR):

  • 10 Km Timed run : 549/-*
  • 5 Km Timed run : 499/-*
  • 5 Km Joy run : 249/-*

*NOTE: 18% GST applicable.


Distance   Age Categories
5 Km Timed run

3yr - 18yr

19yr - 40yr

41yr - 59yr


10 Km Timed run

3yr - 18yr

19yr - 40yr

41yr - 59yr



*Parents must register along with their wards if their wards are below 8 years.

Cash Prizes upto Rs 1.5 lacs/- for Top 2 runners.

Race support and Nutrition:-

All runners will be provided with breakfast following the run, and there will be plenty of water and nutrition stations along the race route. Please keep your BIB as proof of running participation.

  • The event is organized by Institute of Chemical Technology.
  • RFID timing chip will be given to all participants in 10 Km and 5Km Timed run

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be liable to adhere to any new COVID guidelines released by the government related to conducting of events.


By submitting the form, I hereby declare that I am physically fit to participate in this event and have attained all necessary physical examination by a registered medical practitioner. I acknowledge that participating in this event may carry some risk to my health. I release the organizers from any liability or any loss or injury which I may suffer while participating in the race. I have read and understood all the “RULES & REGULATIONS” and all the information provided by me in the registration form is correct. Further, I grant full permission to the organizer and all associated organizations to use all event material including photographs and videotape for publicity and advertising purposes without any compensation. I give Organizer the right to send me any communication (event, promotion, partners, etc.) via email, SMS, Phone call, Social media & any other channel.

Rules and Regulations :

  1. 5km distance category is open for participants of 3 years and above (Born on or before 15TH February 2020).
  2. 10km distance category is open for participants of 3 years and above (Born on or before 15TH February 2020).
  3. Minimum of 1 adult has to register with a child between the age of 3 - 8yrs.
  4. Race timing will be recorded on Mat-to-Mat basis i.e. your timing starts/stops when you cross start/finish line.
  5. Registrations will close on 10th March 2023 at 11:00 PM.
  6. Participants must upload/submit copy of his ID proof for age verification.
  7. The BIB allotted to the participant is non-transferable and request for cancellation and thereby, refund will not be entertained.
  8. No bib distribution on race day.
  9. Snacks and refreshments will be served to all participants after the race. It is compulsory to show BIB for collecting snacks
  10. Finishers Medal will be given to each participant in all distance categories after finishing the race. It is compulsory to show BIB for collecting the finisher Medal.

Standard Terms and Conditions of ICT MARATHON 2023-

  • Participants are requested to eat a healthy meal not consume alcohol the previous night to avoid dehydration.
  • You (“The participant”) understand that there are inherent risks of the services which may or may not be directly provided by Organizer in which the participant may engage.
  • The participant confirms that they are physically and mentally capable of availing the service.
  • The participants participation is voluntary, and the participant shall under no circumstance hold organizers responsible for any injury, accidents, illness and damage to or loss of personal property as the result of any incident or accident that may occur during the period of service.
  • The conduct and behavior of the participant should not cause distress or harm to anyone including other participant members, Organizer staff, service providers etc.; in which case, we/ service providers reserve the right to ask you to immediately leave, or in certain circumstances, hand you over to the appropriate authorities, in which case the financial liability would be of the participant.
  • If for any reason the participant wishes to abruptly end the run before its scheduled completion, or is unable to participate due to being unfit, we will not be able to provide any return support or any refund, and the financial liability for making any alternate arrangements would be of the participant.
  • The participant is responsible to follow the instructions of the organizer and the participant must bear all the expenses which may arise in case for medical exigency or any emergency condition.
  • Cuts, bruises, and minor injuries are normal for an outdoor activity. First aid kit is provided, and the coordinators are trained to respond in such situations. Organizers take all the reasonable steps to provide basic safety required for the activity.
  • During the event the organizer’s decision will be final decision, whatsoever.
  • Organizers hold the rights to change the itinerary or even cancel the activity in case of any unexpected change in weather or other unpredicted situations occur that are beyond our control. Organizers will not be liable for any costs such as travel, or accommodation incurred by the participant in such circumstances.
  • It is mandatory to disclose any personal medical conditions so that prior arrangements can be made. Organizers do not hold any responsibility for the outcome of any undisclosed medical condition during the trip.
  • Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited.
  • Organizers are not responsible for any unforeseen damage brought to participant's personal belongings or personal vehicle during the trip.
  • There is no parking available near by the holding area. Parking done by the participants will be at their own risk.
  • If participants are found violating the rules, Organizers reserve all the rights to remove the participant from the group. In such situation, no refund shall be provided.
  • E-certificates will be given to all participants who successfully complete the course within the cut-off timings.
  • Medal will be given to all participants who complete the course.
  • For security reasons, participants are requested to come without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewelry, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in the bag stored.
  • Organizers, however, are not responsible for any loss of baggage and/or its belongings.
  • Participants found to have interchanged their timing BIB tag with another individual, will be disqualified from the event and shall not be allowed to apply or participate in the subsequent edition of the event.
  • Please note if you don’t wear your timing BIB tag as instructed, you won’t be able to get an official finish time, medal, and e-certificate.
  • Every participant is required to always wear their BIB (on chest) during the race.