Event Details

🏃‍♂️ Run The Mumbai Miles @ BNP 🏃‍♀️

Mumbai Miles, like other successful sports events, aims to provide the best running experience for all participants. This season, the event returns with even more enthusiasm, set to take place in three locations: Malad, Bandra, and BNP, offering the finest venues and running routes in the Mumbai suburb.

👟 Organised by Running Buddies: Running Buddies, an active Running and Holistic group for the past twelve years, contributes to the ecosystem by focusing on health care and fitness. They organize marathons and events to promote community well-being.

🎽 Events by Running Buddies:

  • Winter Run@BNP
  • Raw Run
  • R3
  • Fit @40
  • Infiniti Miles
  • Malad Night Run
  • 12 Hour Run

🌟 Mumbai Miles Highlights:

  • Mumbai Miles Bandra: Run along the sea at Bandra Fort, where your miles accelerate.
  • Mumbai Miles Malad: Achieve your personal best on the flattest route along the Malad backroad.
  • Mumbai Miles BNP: Experience hills and forests in the greenest wild patch of Mumbai.

🤝 Good Deeds Partner: Mumbai Miles partners with NGO Faith Save&Care Foundation, where every registration contributes to their noble cause.

🌍 Faith Save&Care Foundation: The NGO has been pivotal in:

  • Providing shelter to homeless individuals on Mumbai's streets.
  • Educating and upskilling street children for a better future.
  • Offering regular food and nutrition to uplift individuals from the streets and improve their lives.

🙏 Ways to Help:

  1. Support education for street children by raising funds.
  2. Set up community food stalls through Refrigerator and Food Vans.
  3. Establish regular Medical Camps for children's health needs.

🎗️ Special Offer: Register for Mumbai Miles and participate in NGO Faith Save&Care Foundation's cause. Register for all three Mumbai Miles events and earn a special Jacket and a Series Commemorative Medal.