Enerzal Presents Josh@Bandra - Pace Up


Event Details
**Flat 20 % discount on all registrations**
Enerzal - Josh@Bandra is a unique running experience for all Age Groups and Abilities to come together and celebrate the sport of Running.
This will be a one of its kind STADIUM RUN, where you can participate in all or any one of the Races and win Fantastic Medals and Prizes. 

Event date

16th April, 2023

Run categories

  • 3-hour stadium run

  • 1-hour stadium run
  • 1500 Mtrs
  • 800 Mtrs
  • 400 Mtrs

Prize and goodies

All participants -

  • Medals

  • T-shirt

  • BIB

  • Refreshments

  • Hydration
  • Post Race Refreshment

Last Registration Date

4th April 2023


Wings Sports Centre

Google map location - https://goo.gl/maps/9hZLwA7HPeSXhePT9

Event Rules:
1) You can join any one or all the Races
2) You will be able to compete in all the Races and will receive a finisher medal for all the Races
3) You will be able to win prizes in the following age categories
    (10-14yrs,14-18yrs, 19-30 yrs, 31-40yrs,41-50yrs, 51 - 60yrs, 60+) in each Race
4) Minimum 5 Participants in Race & Age Categories for Prizes
5) Each Ticket makes you eligible for a different t-shirt, For example, if you register for 400 meters + 800 Meters + 1500 Meters and 1-hour Stadium run you will receive 4 T-shirts and 4 finisher medals. Participants will however receive one Post Run Refreshment even if  registered for multiple events
6) This Event will offer a unique experience for the first time in INDIA.

Contact details:-

For any booking-related queries WhatsApp us at 9036802196