Sohail Ansari

A computer science and engineering graduate who has been a pro at swimming and cycling since his college days & decided to give triathlons a shot with one of his friends. He secured the 3rd position in his very first attempt but he realized how bad he was at running. He thought he had a solid athlete background and didn't train/practice it only for him to realize all three sports are different domains and you always start as a ‘noob’

Taking it up as a challenge to bring his pace at par with the other two sports he excelled at, Sohil has covered 1,500 km in the last two years by running twice a week for a distance of 10K.

He went for another triathlon, Olympic distance, in 2019 and 2020 securing 7th and 4th respectively. He has also done a 60K,  Bangalore Mountain Festival ultra, finishing it in 7hr, securing the 2nd position again without any training/ practice; but this time to experiment, observe and analyze his capacity. He felt free and eternal in overcoming doubtful and vicious thoughts that clouded his decision. 

Right now he is focused on a 100K that's due after 6 months.

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