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Santy is  53 year old  non alcoholic/non smoking widower and father of 2 boys (22 & 18) based in Pune, India. He is  a staunch solo runner who runs for his own mental peace & fitness. He abhors running in groups & packs & is not preparing for any competitive event (5/10/marathon etc) at all. He just loves to run n feel the wind/rain on his face while clearing out his lungs daily @ 3 am in the morning & declutter his mind. Its his Me Time! He loves making photographic memories with his 4 legged friends enroute & clicking pics for his instagram.

Santy is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune & is a certified Life Coach & Mental Health & Deaddiction Coach.

He runs a Mental Health facility in Pune called SereneLiving which specialises in helping abused & traumatized women & single parents

Besides this  he runs a homestay in Pune on AirBnb/ , hugely popular among travelling  & working ladies  due to its high security under the same name Serene Living

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