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Palam Vihar Runners

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Yes, We love the First rays of the Sun, we love the Dew drops on our finger tips, We love the fragrance of the morning breeze that brushes through the hair and we like the nature in all its glory, we love what we do and we do it friends.

Heard they call us ...Runners/Joggers/Walkers

Stay healthy. Encourage, Support and RUN



The Title may suggest that its a group of people who are just into Running for the 'Fun' and 'Fittness"

WHO ARE PVR (Palam Vihar Runners)


The group is relatively new and We are known to encourage friends/acquaintances/relatives to get out and RUN/JOG/WALK - we will continue to do so. Us members here while being under the umbrella of PVR are free spirited enough to welcome others and RUN with any of our friendly groups given the possibility & interest - and why not!

Its best to leave your ego home they say.

That shall simply double the Fun element & Enrich the experience as we share/learn along with others. And the final stop at the eateries remains the best connecting spot for most of the RUNNERS around ^^)



NO Never, be it weekday or weekends, but only if something massive is in plan like an outstation tour etc. Such events are a great place to test the progress. We shall keep you posted of such events coming up.



PVR will always be about RUNNING/JOGGING/WALKING as a Responsible Friend & a Responsible citizen. Figure this, watching you on the road the children shall register and be encouraged by what & how you present yourself, so the do read the Safety pointers below. You would not want to be a bad influence.

You watch your buddies for their safety while being safe yourself and encourage others to remain fit by starting any kind of activity.

Fun we have on roads entails Fitness, Food, Freedom and more of FRIENDS willing to join you the next time.

Does it get better than this? - Yes it does, when we see you Ride along to the Rising Sun!


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