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At JJs (Jayanagar Jaguars), we recognize that goals for fitness or any sports are achieved only by proper planning and dedicated training. We're the largest running academy in India, also offering structured training for sports like cycling, children fitness, calisthenics, etc. Our story began twelve years ago when the running buzz was still catching on. Over the years, we have grown to more than 30 training centers across India in Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata etc. Our training programs cater to all types of fitness enthusiasts from novice to seasoned, extreme ultra-marathoners, and endurance cyclists, all united under the motto of 'Fitness is Fun'. In the last 7 years, JJs has helped thousands to achieve their fitness goals or competitive goals like running a 10K, marathons, or endurance cycling rides, through comprehensive training programs covering all aspects of stamina, strength, nutrition, injury management, etc. 

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