Wai Half Marathon 2022


Event Details

Support us to build athletes from underprivileged rural and remote areas” - This is the motto of Garware Wai Half Marathon(WHM). We have learned a lot from successful 2 editions of WHM and all geared up to make 3rd edition of WHM a better and bigger success. Our focus is to provide a great experience to participants and encourage people to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

        The Garware WHM is organized by Team Wai Marathon which is a nonprofit organization. This organization is formed by players and enthusiastic people from Wai. Our main aim is to support the underprivileged athletes especially from rural and remote areas across India. We are also visualizing health awareness among the entire community to build a healthy nation.
Reasons to RUN with us
1) The route is gifted with the natural greenery and hilly surroundings. It has feel of ancient Wai, it runs along with Krishna river and it gives great view of Dhom Dam and hills around. We are very sure, this marathon will become one of your favorite marathon going ahead. 
2) Your charity would be used to build athletes from underprivileged rural and remote areas. MAF is working on the same target for the last 15 years. We have built 3 international, 31 national and more than 100 state players from rural and remote areas.