Event Details


🌟 Achieve Your Personal Best! The Under Armour Chandigarh Fast Marathon is your chance to strive for your personal best. With a flat course, friendly weather, and the beautiful city of Chandigarh as your backdrop, we aim to be with you as you reach for your BQ! Go, get it! 🚀

📅 Event Details:

  • Location: Chandigarh, India

🏁 Race Features:

  • Flat Course 🏞️
  • Friendly Weather ☀️
  • Scenic Chandigarh 🏰

⚠️ Race Qualification Criteria: This race is ONLY BY QUALIFICATION. Pay attention to the timing criteria before applying. Each application will be verified for qualification before confirming your entry.

👟 Qualification Criteria:

  • Must have achieved the following in recognized races in the preceding 18 months from the race date (valid timing certificate from Aug 22, 2022):
    • 🏅 For Half Marathon: race timing of a 10K, Half Marathon, or Marathon is accepted.
    • 🏅 For Marathon: race timing of a Half Marathon or a Marathon is accepted. 10K race timing is not accepted for the Marathon category.

📝 Important Note: Please carefully read this information before registering for the race. Your application will only be accepted if you meet the specified qualification criteria.

🔍 Verification Process: Each application will undergo thorough verification to ensure adherence to the qualification criteria.

🚨 Important Reminders:

  • Qualify Before Applying: Ensure you meet the specified qualification criteria.
  • Valid Timing Certificate: Only certificates from Aug 22, 2022, or later are considered valid.

📩 Contact Us: For any inquiries, please contact [Organizer Contact Details].

Gear up, qualify, and join us in Chandigarh for a marathon experience like no other! 🏃‍♀️💨 #ChandigarhFastMarathon #PersonalBest #UnderArmourMarathon