SKF GOA RIVER MARATHON 2023 - 13th Edition


Event Details

The SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF GRM), now in its 13th edition, is a 42.195 KM run alongside the picturesque Zuari river in Goa. This year the marathon will be held on December 10th and we are introducing the 32Km Long Run. As usual, the venue will be the Chicalim village.

One of the most popular marathons in India, the SKF Goa River Marathon has an AIMS certified route stretching beyond the beautiful river view, shaded trail, and city roads. It is ranked as one of the 10 Great Marathons to run by National Geographic Traveller India.

From a half Marathon to a full run, there is a wide range of options for runners to choose from. The marathon usually starts at 04:00 AM, while the half marathon begins at 6:00 AM. The 10 KM competitive run begins at 06:45 AM, followed by a 5 KM fun-walk-or-run event at 8:30 AM. Regardless of what you participate in, we insist that you have a fun run!

Location:- Goa - Along The Zuari River 

Event Category
- 5km
- 10km
- 10 miles
- 21km
- 42km