Second Amravati Duathlon


Event Details


Amravati Marathon Association, has successfully organised four Amravati Half Marathons and also DUATHLON in 2019. Amravati Duathlon was appreciated by all participants for its neat and well organization. This year we decided organize AMRAVATI DUATHLON AND 100 KM ROAD CYCLING RACE ON 06TH MARCH 2022.

Duathlon : Duathlon is very popular and highly competitive sports event in western countries. In India recently this is organized in Metro cities. A duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. The usual format for a duathlon is run-bike-run, meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Your time starts when you start the running, and finishes when you cross the finish line after finishing cycling and second part of running. Athletics can participate as solo and Team also. There are different events depending upon the distance of running and cycling. In Amravati, we are organizing following events of Duathlon.

Olympic Duathlon : 10 Km Run followed by 40 Km Road Cycling and 5 Km final Run.

Solo Olympic Duathlon: The same participant will be doing the running and cycling also.

Team Olympic Duathlon – Team consists of two participants, one runner and one cyclist. In a team, running will be done by a runner and cycling part will be done by a cyclist. For example, in a team, Ashok is Runner and Bhaskar is cyclist. Ashok will start the event as all Duathlons start with running. Once Ashok finishes his first part of running of 10 Km and returns to finish line, Bhaskar will start the cycling. After Bhaskar returns to finish line, completing the 40 km cycling, Ashok will again start the last part of 5 km running.

Sprints Duathlon : 5 Km Run followed by 20 Km cycling and 2.5 km final Run.

Sprint Duathlon is also for Solo participants and Teams.

Route : Event will start and finish at District StadiumAmravati. Running route for all event is within city. Cyclist will go on Mardi Road for 10 Km and return to finish point to complete 20 kms. For 40 kms, cyclist will have to do two loops. Any changes in route and start/finish point will be communicated to participants.

100 km Ultra Cycling : Amravati Marathon Association is organising 100 Km Ultra Cycling event on the same day. Details of the event will be sent to participants as and when required.

Age and Sex category: Participants above 18 years can participate in Olympic Duathlon and Sprints Duathlon. In a team runners having age 15 years can participate as a runner. Cyclist in all categories must have 18 years and above.

We are not keeping separate Age/Sex categories for Duathlon event. Ladies can participate in solo as well as in team event. Team may consist of both ladies, both gents or one lady and one gent.

Registration Fee Olympic Duathlon solo Rs.1250. Team Rs. 2000.

Sprint Duathlon Solo Rs. 1000 Team Rs. 1800.

100 Km Ultra Cycling : Rs.1250

( T shirt, Finishers medal, Electronic Timing Bib, Breakfast, Energy drink/water on route are included in registration fees)

Cash Prizes :

Olympic Duathlon Solo : First three athletics. Rs. 15000, Rs. 10000, Rs. 7000.

Olympic Duathlon Team : First three Teams. Rs. 15000, Rs. 10000, Rs. 7000.

Sprints Duathlon Solo : First three athletics. Rs. 10000, Rs. 7000, Rs. 5000.

Sprints Duathlon Team : First three Teams. Rs. 10000, Rs. 7000, Rs. 5000.

100 Km Ultra Cycling : First three athletics. Rs. 15000, Rs. 10000, Rs. 7000.

100 Km Ultra Cycling : Cash prise for ladies participant will be declared later.


Caution – Safety First : In any sport activity there is a hidden risk, every athletics, specially cyclist have to be careful on road. Race officials and volunteers will be on road at every square to man the traffic. We all are not professional athletics. We are doing this activity for the purpose of fitness and fun. So, few seconds here and there does not make much difference. But compromise with Safety, sometime makes a huge difference.