Runbhoomi Pargad Heritage Run


Event Details

Dear Runners,

         The Outplay Sports Foundation is making a sincere effort to combine sports and nature tourism through the sport of running and to promote nature conservation and create a movement of public awareness through it. The first edition of the Pargad Heritage Run (half marathon) is based on the slogan "#NatureFirst". We know that nature comes first and we want to convey the same message through this initiative. “

Deforestation is one of the main reasons why so many environmental issues are taking a serious turn. The Outplay Sports Foundation has always strived to balance mental and physical health with the conservation of rainforests and their flora and fauna and its importance to the masses, and this is our goal.

Given the scope of this work, it is inevitable to increase public participation. With this in mind, we have decided to launch the "Pargad Heritage Run" initiative. The race will be organized with a detailed consideration of environmental, economic and social issues, and all participating members will be honored with saplings who have shown willingness and commitment to participate in this nature conservation project.

The "Pargad Heritage Run" program seeks to educate the people on the following issues under the "Guardians of Nature" campaign.

Natural conservation.

Tree planting.

Water conservation.

Waste recycling.

Natural energy efficiency.

During the program, experts / speakers working in each of the above categories present the seriousness of these issues to the people and suggest solutions. We are confident that we will achieve this goal through the participation of the government and the people.

Group Gram Panchayat Mirvel, Fort Pargad, Namkhol and Fort Pargad Jankalyan Sanstha will jointly organize and guide expert and experienced Altitude Quest Adventure LLP in this field.


The category of "Pargad Heritage Run" competition will be as follows:

 Joy of Jungle (5 km run)

Jungle Dream Run (10 km run)

Jungle Half Marathon (21 km run)

Event Date:13th March 2022

04:00 AM ::::::Arrival of contestants

05:00 AM ::::: Breakfast ( It will remain open till 7 o'clock)

05:30 AM :::: Stretching exercises and opening ceremony

06:00 AM ::::: Jungle Half Marathon (First Batch Women’s 21km Running)

06:15 AM ::::: Jungle Half Marathon (Second Batch men's 21 km Running)

06:30 AM ::::: Jungle Dream Run (First Batch Women 10km Running)

06:45 AM ::::: Jungle Dream Run (Second Batch men's 10km Running)

07:00 AM ::::: Joy of Jungle (First Batch Women’s 5km Running)

07:15 AM ::::: Joy of Jungle (Second Batch men's 5km Running)

09:00 AM ::::: Prize giving ceremony

10:00 AM ::::: Guidance from dignitaries and tree planting ceremony

11:00 AM ::::: Announcement of the end of the competition and a show of thanks


Timing System: Gun Time (Gun time is when the race begins (the sound of gunfire) and when the participant crosses the finish line.)

Start and end point is Shri. Bhavani Temple, Pargad.

Check Point 1 Stickers: Vitthal Rukmini Temple, Namkhol

(Joy of Jungle _ Return to starting point)

Distance from starting point 2.5 km

Check Point 2 Stickers: Mr. Sateri Bhavai Temple, Terwan Gaothanwadi

(Jungle Dream Run _ Return to starting point)

Distance from starting point 5 km

Check Point 3 Stickers: Waghotre Ramghat

(Jungle Half Marathon _ Return to starting point)

Distance from starting point 10.5 km

It will be mandatory to affix a sticker on the bib number at each checkpoint. If no relevant sticker is found then the contestant will be disqualified.

On 12th March 2022 food and accommodation facility is only for paid participants with add-on packages.

Welcome to the proposed first edition of the Pargad Heritage Run.

We have all supported the government's every effort to control the epidemic and stand united as "One Nation - One People" to overcome some of the most challenging and testing times in our country's history.

Now, once again, with the active support and participation of the government and local administrations, we look forward to overcoming the obstacles posed by the epidemic and moving forward with new energy and confidence.

In our first year, as conditions are rapidly improving, we look forward to hosting a special limited edition on-ground event in Pargad on March 13th, 2022.

This year we can accommodate very few runners (First Edition is limited to 300competitors)

We are aware that this means that many runners will not be able to register. But we have to go ahead and make the best use of it, and we hope that as long as there are more runners for our second edition next year, things will definitely get better.

Terms and Conditions

For the Pargad Heritage Run 2022 on 13th March 2022

(especially in the context of the Covid situation) comply with the following terms and conditions.

There are 2 separate categories for runners:

A) Kolhapur District Local Category

Only Limited to School & College Students

Appeal for help:

> All schools, colleges, sports boards, sports training centers and related institutes in Kolhapur district will be able to participate in the Pargad Heritage Run program free of cost as three selected student contestants each. However, it is requested to invite / inform them to convey this relevant information to the following schools and institutions.

> It is a heartfelt request that the student should receive a travel allowance from each school along with a coach and player along with each team as an incentive for the players.

:::::::::: Note ::::::::::::

All schools and colleges should take note that the facilities of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (ST) will be made available to the contestants from Chandgad depot at 3 am on the day of the event on 13th March 2022. Also by planning more trains at the time of return. T. Will be facilitated. S. T. All buses will stop at the Pargad route.

> 4th to 7th class students will be able to participate in the 5 km running "Joy of Jungle" category.

> 8th to 10th grade students will be able to participate in either the 5 km running “Joy of Jungle” or 10 km running “Jungle Dream Run”.

> College students will be able to participate in any of the categories like 5 km running “Joy of Jungle”, 10 km running “Jungle Dream Run” or 21 km running “Jungle Half Marathon”.

> Admission fee will be charged for the participation of more than six students 3 male 3 female who are interested.

B) Outstation range

Other than Kolhapur district

Only your Aadhaar card will be issued as proof of residency.

Outdoor runners can only register online from November 1st, 2021 onwards.

Registration will be on a first come first served basis. Given the limited registration slots, we recommend that you register as early as possible on your respective dates.

Only runners who have completed both doses of their covid vaccination will be allowed to register and run.

You will need to carry your final vaccination certificate at the time of the event.

Only runners who have completed 21k (half marathon) in less than 3 hours will be allowed to register for the on-ground event.

Registration is subject to the final approval of government authorities.

If the event has to be canceled due to covid restrictions, you will be registered till next year (Pargad Heritage Run 2023), no refund will be given.

No separate medals will be awarded this year,insted we are giving a sapling to every participant.

To ensure distance, small groups of runners (approximately 50 each) will have wave starts starting in batches. Runners have to start from their respective batches.

Finishing time and runners will be sorted by gun time (no chip time)

Winners will be honored with their prize money and shield by the special guests at the event.

Relatives or friends will not be allowed at the race venue. Only participants with an official bib will be allowed to enter the holding area on the day of the race.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask and social distance at the place of start and end. Organizers will strictly implement the appropriate Covid Protocol. Any runner found violating the rules will be disqualified and banned from the event.

If any runner is suspected to be infected after having a temperature and / or pulse reading, the runner will be barred from participating for the safety of other participants.

Further updates will be notified from time to time.

:::::::::: BIB Distribution :::::::::::

> BIB distribution will be done on 6th March 2022 at Chandgad Panchayat Samiti Office.

Participants will be informed about the location via email and text message and on the official Facebook page of Pargad Heritage Run.

The BIB may also be collected one night before the event. Delegates may also collect on your behalf provided they have a copy of your ID proof and a list of participants' names.

Things to bring along

: Water bottle or hydration reservoir

: A pair of extra clothing

: Hat or cap

: Running shoes

: Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables

: Individual medicine

: Food

: Whistle for safety

: Headlamps and flashlights

:::::::::: Rules and Agreements ::::::::::

> Participants under the age of 18 must have their admission form signed by the parent / guardian

> Race bib number must always be worn during the race.

> The decision of the organizers is final

> Registration cannot be canceled or transferred

> Participants are not allowed to change racing categories after registration.

Further precautions are taken to avoid any natural harm in the competition.

The road connecting the two villages is involved for the race. It ensures that there is no harm to nature.

Biodegradable marking tape is used.

Recycled paper is used.

Water Conservation - Water for runners is used for drinking only in limited quantities.

Committed to completely plastic-free races.

Local trade options are used.

Energy Efficiency - Vehicles will be used most efficiently.

Ambulances and doctors will be present at the competition venue.

Race marshals monitor the checkpoints set during full competitions.

First aid kits as well as drinking water and bananas will be available at each road check post.

All participants agree to the program's risk and compensation agreement, which includes a disclaimer of the relevant (legal) rights and is binding.

Participants are required to adhere strictly to the terms and conditions.

Employment generation at the local level through the program.

An effective platform for addressing local issues.

Register today!

Thanks !!!