Run For Women Empowerment


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Women’s empowerment is about developing strong, confident and courageous women. It’s about taking your fierceness and sharing it with other women to motivate, educate and make all your voices heard.

Let's join together as women and show the world what we’re made of by building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

We decided that; inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We can't get empowered women if we can't get them empowered as girls. Run for your daughter, run for your sister or your run for your friend. Inspire someone to be empowered!

EVENT DATE: 19th June 2022

Venue: Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Run Distance: 3KM (FUN RUN) /5KM (PASSION RUN) /10KM (TIMED RUN)

Registration Fee: Rs. 600/-

Early Bird Offer (Ends of 15th May 2022): Rs.500/-

Last Day of Registration: - 12th June 2022.


* Water & Electrolyte Drinks will be available at the 2 Km, 4 Km, 5 Km, 7 Km, 9 Km & at the start and end point of the race.

* Distance Markers too will be placed along the route.

* Doctors & Paramedical Staff will be stationed at the Venue & also along the route at certain points. Other than this a cardiac ambulance will be plying along the route just in case of any emergency.

* We hope you all train well, have a good run & that such facilities are not required or made use of.

* Volunteers will be there at the Venue & along the route to guide you along the route & for everything else at the Start & End point.

* Finishers Medal will be given at the end point to all finishers of this event immediately at the finish point after the race.

* Breakfast will be served to participants after the race.

* Washroom facilities are made available for participants within the event premises.

* Parking - There is no Parking facility inside the event premises & hence vehicles need to be parked near the lanes & by lanes near the venue at your own risk.

* BIB Distribution Date & BIB Distribution Venue will be informed to the participants in due course of time as & when they are finalized.

* Route Map will be released on the website as well as the Facebook Event Page once confirmed.

* Please keep referring the website & Facebook page (Run for Women Empowerment) for further updates about the event.

* We will love to welcome you there on the 11th of September this year. See you there soon.

* For more Info email us [email protected]