Riddle On Wheelz


Event Details

Are You Young by Mind? 

Are you ready to take some fun filled challenges?

Are you open to mix with like minded?

If all the answers are YES, Then this event is for you!

"Riddle on Wheelz 21" is a 250+ KM bike rally from Kolkata to Golbari Nature Stay, Birbhum, with a TWIST.

You and your partner have to ride your beloved motorbike to rally from Newtown, Kolkata to Golbari Nature Stay, Birbhum through 10 hidden pit points. The clues of these hidden points would be supplied to you through 10 riddles just before the start of the rally.   

You have to solve those riddles and have to reach the pit points and have to take selfie along with your navigator partner and motorbike. Once you take the selfie, send it to us to prove that you actually reached there.

Complete all the points, and reach Golbari Nature Stay, within a time window. You will earn points in reaching the right pit points and reaching Golbari Nature Stay in time.

Highest point getter will "Riddle on Wheez'21" champions trophy.!

NOW that's not the end

Once you reach Golbari, have a soothing Lunch and take rest. At the evening, we will do bonfire with some Chicken Roasts and some self motivated cultural events :)

At the night, have a good dinner and next day, after breakfast, leave back to home. 

Food Arrangements: Snacks during Journey + Welcome Drink @ Golbari + Full Course Lunch + Chicken Roast During Bon Fire + Full Course Dinner + Breakfast Next Day

To know more about Golbari Nature Stay, visit www.golbari.co.in


If you have any queries, please WhatsApp to 9051433027

Rules & Regulations

1. There will be only 11 teams allowed, One team will consist exactly two members, one driver and one navigator. Just after registration, you and your navigator will be inducted to our WhatsApp group for more information

2. Rally will start sharp at 7:00 AM from Newtown, Kolkata. Exact start point will be notified to you over WhatsApp

3. Just before rally starts, you will be given 10 riddles to solve. Solving each riddle will offer a place to reach in same order as that of their physical distance from the starting point. That means if you get place X and Y after solving riddle 1 and 2, then Y place would be next to X place. First you have to reach to X then to Y

4. After reaching each and every place, you need to take selfie with your navigator and motorbike and the selfie has to be uploaded to a specific URL (URL will be informed over WhatsApp before rally)

5. Once you have solved the riddle, to know the exact location, you can always take help from local people, internet or Google Map

6. After reaching each and every place and uploading selfies, you need to reach Golbari Nature Stay, Birbhum within a time window 2:30PM - 3:30PM. 

7. Reaching each designated place will earn 10 points and reaching Golbari Nature Stay within the designated time window will give you 50 points. Reaching Golbari Nature Stay before or after the designated time window will earn only 20 points.

8. There is no points in reaching first or second or what so ever

9. If there is a tie among first three places, reaching time at Golbari would be considered in that case to break the tie

10. All the driving and traffic rules must be obeyed by the riders

11. Drivers must have valid license

12. Age of any participant (driver/Navigator) must be 18+

13. The basic backbone route from Newtown to Golbari Nature Stay will be supplied to you, all the hidden places would be within 5 kms from this backbone route.

14. Any accidents or motorbike dis-functioning during the journey would be treated as your responsibility, but these incidents, if any, must be reported to the organizers at the earliest, so that organizers can reach the spot with help

15. Champion, First Runner Up and 2nd Runners Up teams would be acknowledged by  presenting Trophies, Medals and Certificates.

16. At Golbari Nature Stay, you will be offered adequate foods both in Non-Veg and Veg style

17. Separate 6 rooms will be allotted to 6 teams for night stay

18. Rest 5 teams have to share dormitory

19. Separate rooms will be allotted to those participants who will register early. That means first 6 teams would be given separate rooms, if they do not mention otherwise.

20. All the riddles will be in Bengali language, hence any one team member would expected to read Bengali texts

21. All the participants must submit Covid-19 Vaccination certificate while entering Golbari Nature Stay

22. During the stay at Golbari, you have to wear musk for precautionary measure