Pune Full Marathon


Event Details

A Marathon is an event, where we meet and learn that people who are changing the world are not someone who are from out of this world. They are people like you and me with simple goals, a vision, a little dedication, faith and extraordinary will. They do not inspire you to be something you are not. They inspire you to be someone you can become. Overcoming the challenging situation, NEB Sports is coming up with the 6th edition MySamay Pune Marathon.


  • 20 days prior to the event date, transfer of registration or cancellation will not be accepted.
  • INR 200/- will be charged for any transfer of registration or credit note.
  • Change in a category will be accepted only 20 days prior to the event.

* Early Bird offer valid till 02nd May 2023*
Organizer - NEB Sports
Contact - 9206265087