Mira-Bhayandar Marathon


Event Details

The 1st Edition of North Mira-Bhayandar Marathon promoted by Fitskol in the beautiful region of Mira-Bhayandar, with a vision of promoting Health and Fitness with benefits of Running. The event would be first of its kind where the focus would be 100% participant satisfaction.

Mira Bhayander marathon is 1st of it's Kind race in Mira Bhayander with the vision to promote running as the most desirable step towards fitness.

Race Categories - 

  • 3K Family Run
  • 6K Timed Run
  • 10K Timed Run
  • 10 Miles Timed Run

Event Date - 02 OCTOBER 2022

Event Time - 06:00 AM

Event Location - MIRA BHAYANDAR

Last Date of Registration - 01 October 2022 

650 participants have already registered and with an expectation of around 1200-1300 total participants. Fitskol plans to have the annual Mira Bhayandar Marathon on the 1st Sunday of October from all the coming years so that people would be ready and excited for it.