Lonavla Varsha Ultra Marathon 2022


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Lonavala Varsha Ultra Marathon 2022

              THE FOG RUN
Lets run in the monsoon paradise....Lonavala !!!
Lonavala has something to offer in the monsoon .The month of July experience heavy (almost 24-hours) rainfall, and if you don't mind getting wet, this can be a great time to visit Lonavala. All the dams and waterfalls are full to the brim, and you can lose yourself in the greenery and the foggy, misty weather.
For the monsoon lover, visiting Lonavala during the monsoon is almost a yearly ritual.
This is our third edition and we are going to start our race close to the Tiger Point.
Tiger Point is a Heaven on Earth
Clouds are so dense there that you cant see the road 5 ft from you. Its cold here. You actually feel the clouds, you can see weather changes in 30 secs. You cant see at the bottom of the valley but after 30 secs you can actually see the valley. Weather is mind blowing especially when you are running between the floating clouds.
50Kms flag off 6.00 am
42kms flag off 6.00am
35Kms flag off 6.00 am
25kms flag off 6.15am
10kms flag off 6.20 am
5Kms flag off 6.30am
3kms flag off 6.35 am
Venue :- will be announce shortly
Age Categories
3km - Open
5km- Open
18 yrs to 35 yrs
36 yrs to 45 yrs
46 yrs to 55 yrs
56 yrs to 65 yrs
66 yrs and above
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