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Kisna Diamond Marathon 2022 - Run For Swachh Bharat
April 24, 2022, 5 a.m.

Kisna Diamond Marathon 2022 - Run for Swachh Bharat

Date: April 24th, 2022.
Venue: BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051
Kisna Diamond Marathon is back with its 6th edition and is hosting a run for 21K, 10K, 5K at BKC, Bandra (E) on April 24th, 2022 for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
5kms. – 10 years +
10kms. – 15 years +
21kms. – 18 years +
Run for Swachh Bharat: The amount collected for this event will be donated towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan related activities.
Keep your excitement alive and join us for the most exciting run of the year!
                                                           RACE DAY INSTRUCTIONS
1. Race Start & Finish Point :
All the three Races (21Kms, 10Kms & 5Kms) Start & Finish at the Same Point ( Parking lot near The Capital Bldg., BKC ).
2. Race Start & Reporting Time :
Race Start Time:
21 Kms – 5.30 am
10 Kms – 6.00 a.m
5 Kms – 7.30 a.m
Reporting Time: 45 minutes before Race Start time
You have to assemble in your respective Section at the Venue. Signage will be put for you to know your Zone.
A Warm up session will be conducted before Start of every Race
3. Laps :
Number of Laps for respective Races is mentioned below:
• 21 Kms – 3 Laps
• 10 Kms – 2 Laps
• 5 Kms – 1 Lap
• Study the Race Route properly to Understand Laps for your Race .
• It is the responsibility of the Participant to watch out for Signage Boards which clearly mention the Direction for Laps & Finish.
• Participant will be solely responsible if he/she goes on a wrong route.
4. Race BIB :
• The BIB allocated to you has a RFID strip behind it . You have to ensure that the BIB is Not folded else the RFID Strip will get damaged & your timing will not be detected.
• In order to receive an accurate time, ensure your bib is:
o Worn on the Chest & is clearly visible.
o Unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle).
o Pinned in all four corners.
o Not covered (Jackets, Runner belts, Water bottles, etc.)
• The BIB allotted to the participant is non-transferable.
• The participant has to run wearing his/her BIB Only, else will be disqualified.
• The participant has to run only in his/her registered event else will be disqualified.
• Timing of this race will be calculated on Chip Time/ Mat-Mat basis. Your timing will start once you cross the Start Line.
5. Prizes :
• For getting a Ranking/Prize , a participant has to cross the Start Line within below mentioned times after the race start .
• 21 K - Has to cross the Start Line within 5 minutes of the start of the race
• 10 K - Has to cross the Start Line within 10 minutes of the start of the race
• 5 K - Has to cross the Start Line within 10 minutes of the start of the race
• If a participant crosses the Start Line after the above mentioned timeline , then the timing will be calculated only as per Gun Time & the same will be considered for the Ranking/Prize.
• If a participant Starts the race before his/her respective Flag off, the participant will be disqualified.
• Prizes will be given to top 2 winners in applicable categories. The decision of the JURY will be final and binding.
• In case of any dispute the decision of the Jury will be final & binding.
6. Finish Cut OFF Time :
• Finish Cut Off Time for all Races is 9.00 am for being eligible for Prize & Finisher Certificate.
7. Timing Points :
• It is mandatory to pass through all timing points on your respective route.
• If the participant does not pass through the Timing points , it is solely his/her responsibility .
8. Hydration & Medical :
• Water, Energy Drink & Medical Stations are there on the route. Hydrate yourself adequately.
• You should not be pushing yourself beyond your limits. In case of slightest discomfort, you are required to stop immediately. Inform the closest volunteer or medical station.
9. Distance & Direction Boards :
• Distance & Distance Boards are placed on the route .You are required to follow them .
• In case a participant goes on the wrong route, it will be solely his/her responsibility
• Distance & Direction Boards have a Colour Coding which is on the Header & Footer of your BIB. Kindly keep your Colour in mind so that you do not miss out on any Board.
Sr No Distance Colour on Header & Footer of the BIB
1 21 Kms GREEN
2 10 Kms YELLOW
3 5 Kms BLUE
10. Volunteers :
Volunteers are there on the Route .You are required to follow the instructions & directions given by them.
11. Parking Facility , Entry & Exit :
• There is limited Parking Facility at the below mentioned public parking lot.
Parking Lot : Naman Parking lot, Near IDFC Bank .
• It is advised that you travel by public transport or Cabs/rickshaw.
• Vehicles will not be allowed beyond a Certain Point.
• A lot of Vehicles will be entering before the Race & exiting after the Race at the same time hence there will be some waiting time. You are required to be patient & cooperate with the volunteers.
12. Vehicle Safety :
• Park your vehicles only in the designated Parking Area.
• Do not keep any valuables in your vehicle.
• Safety of the Vehicle is solely the responsibility of the participant.
13. Traffic Congestion:
• In order to avoid traffic congestion , participants travelling by cabs/rickshaw are requested to get down on BKC main Road & walk to the Venue.
14. Baggage Facility :
• Limited Baggage Facility is available .
• Baggage Facility will be given on First Cum First Serve Basis Only .
• Do not keep any valuables in the baggage .
• The organisers will be not be responsible for any loss of items from the baggage .
15. Prohibited Items :
• No ILLEGAL or ILLICIT Substances, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia.
• No Weapons/Sharp Objects of any kind including but not limited to pocket knives & self defence sprays
• No flammable items or liquids including aerosols & fireworks
• No markers , pens or spray paint
• No outside food or beverage including alcohol, bottles or cans
• No Cigarettes , vapes or tobacco items , matchbox, lighter
• No Pacifiers or Glow Sticks
• No laser pens , laser pointers or similar focused light devices
• Additional Items may be prohibited at the discretion of Law enforcement or Security Officials
16. Pre & Post Race :
• Before starting the race do proper Warm up to prevent injuries.
• After finishing the Race, do proper Full Body Stretching to prevent injuries & soreness in the body.
                                     WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST
                                          HAVE A GREAT RUN