Kanyathon Run


Event Details

1. Physical Run

Wear your Kanyathon T-shirts and run with your fellow runners for the girl child in our
society in the 11thedition of Physical run at Kanyathon. This flagship event of Kanyathon aims to bring the together the spirit of togetherness among our families and friends towards a noble cause of running not only for the upliftment of women in our society but to also show our appreciation towards the women in our life who have created an impact in our lives. So, grab your passes and “run for her” to win exclusive goodies and prizes.
The prize money for 10km pro run will be Rs. 25,000/- in the men category and Rs.
25,000/- in the women category.
The prize money for 5km pro run will be Rs. 15000/- in the men category and Rs. 15000/-in the women category.
The prize money for 5km inter college will be Rs. 10000/-. The prize money for 5km inter-corporate will be 15,000.
2. Cyclathon
For the second version at Kanyathon, we are proud to present to you the Cyclathon event for your family and friends. Cyclathon, aims to provide a fun and frolic activity for your family and friends where you cycle not only to begin your journey towards a healthy lifestyle but also contribute towards social and economic upliftment of the women in our society. So, team up with your family or friends on a single pass and start biking around the traffic free roadways of towards a healthy lifestyle and win up to Res. 40,000 cash price along with several goodies, medals, and rewards.