Jarakabande Eco Ultra 2022


Event Details

Registration ends 11:30pm 15 January 2022

Group Discounts on 10 or more tickets

Distances, Start Times and Cut Offs:

  • 6K - Start time: 06:45 am, 30th Jan.
  • 12k - Start time: 06:30 am, 30th Jan. Cut off: 2.5 hrs
  • 30K - Start time: 06:15 am, 30th Jan. Cut off: 6 hrs
  • 50K - Start time: 06:00 am, 30th Jan. Cut off: 10 hrs
  • 80K - Start time: 06:30 am, 29th Jan. Cut off: 20 hrs
  • 100K - Start time: 06:15 am, 29th Jan. Cut off: 24 hrs
  • 161K (100 Miler) - Start time: 06:00 am, 29th Jan. Cut off: 35 hrs

Track Detail:

6k Loop completely in Jarakabande Forest with 710 ft elevation in each loop. The track is completely trail with sand, gravel, hill, lake and surround sound of peacocks and birds. The night loop for 80K and longer distances will be shortened. 

Hydration Partner: Fast&Up

Nutrition Partner: Purple Monkey

Medical Partner: Narayana Nehtralaya

Physiotherapy Partner: Perfect Bounce

More details to come