Garhwal Temple Run 3.0


Event Details

Welcoming all runners to the third edition of Garhwal Temple Run organised by Run For Hills Foundation in remote mountainous district of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India. There are 3 categories: LITE (Day 1 only), HEAVY (Day 1 and 2) and RUN THE SUN (12 hrs starting from sunrise). Runners will cover a distance of up to 102.3km with total elevation gain of more than 8000 feet, spread over 2 days with 2 night stay in a jungle rest house near Chirbatiya village. Route for the race is described below:

Day 1: Race starts from Koteshwar Mahadev temple, Rudraprayag and ends at Chirbatiya hill top.  
Specifications: 52kms
Track: Mainly tar road going through villages and jungle with overgrown side vegetation and intersected by numerous mountain streams.
25kms: 3hr 30 mins
52kms (Finish): 8 hrs
Day 2: Race starts from Chirbatiya Forest Guest House grounds and ends at scenic mountain lake Badhani Taal.
Specifications: 50.3kms
Track: Mainly tar road with patches of mud roads going through villages and dense jungle with overgrown side vegetation and intersected by numerous mountain streams.
25kms: 3 hr 30 minutes
50.3kms (Finish): 8 hrs 15 minutes
Run the Sun: Run as much as possible within 12hrs along the Day-1 and Day-2 route (mentioned above) starting with sunrise time. Minimum/Maximum distance to be covered in 12hrs: 75kms / 102.3kms. This race will be held on Day-1.
25km – 4hrs
52kms – 8hrs 30 minutes
75kms – 12hrs
Runners will be accommodated at Camp site, Guesthouses, Hotel and Home stays depending upon availability.
Checklist for Runners
Following are items are recommended for all the runners to carry on themselves during the course of the race. 
* Hydration pack/waist belt 
* Water - at least 500 ml
* Whistle
* Reflective vest
* Mobile phone
* Food reserve. At least 300 kcal
* Cap
* Money - At least Rs. 500 in change

* GPS watch
* Vaseline or any anti-chafing cream
* Some kind of adhesive tape for treating blisters.
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen. Minimum SPF 50
* Warm clothing for night stay at Chirbatiya. Expected temperature - less than 15 degrees celsius and windy 
General Instructions:
* Race bib must be worn at all times during the race on chest or stomach or on the leg of the shorts or trousers.
* Runners can deposit a drop bag before the start of the race and it will be made available to them at 25kms mark on both days. Runners are requested not to keep any valuables in it. 
* Runners are requested not to bring any valuable items with them for the race. Safety of personal belongings is runners’ responsibility. 
Disqualification :
Race Director or Aid Station leaders can implement disqualification or penalties as per the list below.
Immediate disqualification
    * Taking short cut
    * Taking lift in vehicles
    * Absence of compulsory equipment to be carried in person by runners enroute
    * Lack of respect for organization or other runners
    * Not assisting a runner in need

- Discarding rubbish/waste on the route except in the designated area i.e. in the dustbins of the aid station - 15 minute penalty. 
- Race bib not visible - 10 minute penalty.
Complaints :
Any complaint must be sent by email, within 10 days after the end of the event.
Exceptional Conditions :
- If necessary, the organization reserves the right to any time modify the routes, starting times, cut-off barriers, the position of aid stations and medical stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the events
- In case of adverse COVID-19 condition, bad weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the runner's safety, the organization reserves the right to :
    * Postpone the start of the race (by few hours)
    * Modify the cut-off times
    * Neutralize the event
    * Cancel the event
- Runners are required to get themselves medically checked before coming for the race.

Runners will be asked to sign on a waiver on the race day with following self-declarations:
- that they are medically fit to run
- in case of any temporary injury or permanent injury or loss of life, the race organization and organizers will not be held responsible
- runner grants full permission for use of any photograph, video or any record of this event for any promotional or legal purpose.

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Contact name and number : Prakash Singh Dasila - 9760853377