Everesting 2022


Event Details

1. Everesting event will be held in Symbiosis Campus, Lavale . 
2. Power Peaks is not responsible for any technical issues nor guarantees your addition in the Hall of fame by Everesting.cc
3. No refunds once the registration is done.
4. In case of any health issues, crashes or other health related problems PowerPeaks will not be held responsible. Please get a clearance from your family doctor before attempting this event.
5. Please take all precautions to take care of your health and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
6. If there are any issues regarding the event, the decision of the organizers will be final.
7. PowerPeaks deserves the right to admission for the event. Power Peaks also has the right to disallow participation in case of abusive behavior, nudity, negativity or any other un-sporting behavior. 

8. During running everesting, participant can come down using vehicle(need to arrange on own). There is separate road to come down for vehicles, so its safe.

9. Please go through all the rules given on below link.

For cycling: https://everesting.cc/the-rules/

For running: https://everesting.cc/run-rules/

10. Deliverables:

Hydration Stations, Food & Beverages,
Physio support,
Emergency High Tech Ambulance services,
The blocked roadways,
Lights during night.

Finisher medal, T-shirt, E-certificate.

Finisher jersey will be given after the event, that will be at cost.