Build a Habit March Challenge


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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ BUILD A HABIT CHALLENGE - 21 DAYS 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Attention all registered participants of the Habit Run! 📣

We have an exhilarating update for you! To elevate the challenge's excitement, we're introducing an exclusive opportunity for those who completed the 5km run today! 🎉 If you conquered the 5km run and hold a registered spot for the Habit Run, you're now eligible to dive into the "Build a Habit" challenge and seize the chance to win an enticing cash prize of Rs 3000/-!

Challenge Duration: Monday, 1st March - Friday, 29th March


  1. Commit to running/walking for 3km or 30 minutes each day for 21 consecutive days leading up to the next habit run.
  2. You're allowed to skip a day, but ensure you complete 21 days of activity before the upcoming habit run.
  3. Keep track of your runs/walks on Strava with a public profile, a GPS map revealing the route, and share a selfie along with your activity. Treadmill activities won't be considered.
  4. You have to come to the next month's "Habit Run" as a participant to get the cash prize. If you are a winner and not coming for the next month's run, you will not be eligible to get the cash prize.

How to Participate:

  1. Commence tracking your daily runs/walks on Strava.
  2. Share your Strava activity within the group every day. Only posted activities will be counted.
  3. We'll furnish a daily leaderboard to fuel your motivation!


  • Complete the 21-day challenge, and you qualify for the Cash Prize of Rs 3000/-.
  • The cash prize will be awarded in the subsequent habit run following the challenge's conclusion.
  • Every participant finishing the "Build a Habit" Challenge will receive an equal share of the prize money during the next habit run. For instance, if 3 participants conquer the challenge, each will receive Rs 1000/- in the following habit run.

Remember, this challenge presents a splendid opportunity to cultivate a healthy habit and reach your fitness milestones. Let's offer unwavering support and encouragement throughout this incredible journey! 🤝

Extend the invite to your friends and family who partook in the Habit Run today and meet the eligibility criteria. Join us to make this challenge an even more exhilarating experience. Together, we'll obliterate our goals! 💪

Mark your calendars for action! 🔥

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