Ahmednagar Unlimited - On Ocassion Of World Tourism Day


Event Details

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Maharashtra Tourism in a joint initiative with the Ahmednagar Cycling Club and the Sarwa app which is Ahmednagar's very own shopping app and is the first step towards an atmanirbhar city, has organized a 25KM bicycle ride, a 10KM Run, a heritage walk, a drawing and colouring competition to celebrate our city's grand heritage on the 25th of September 2022. This initiative is launched with an aim of piquing the local community's interest in and participation in urban conservation efforts, to highlight the significant part it plays in the development of the history and character of Ahmednagar city. World Tourism Day will be commemorated on September 27th, 2022 and will reflect on the subject "Rethinking Tourism." It intends to spark discussion about rethinking tourism for development, especially through education, as well as tourism's impact on the environment and potential for more sustainable growth. We too intend to draw a community of like minded people together and join hands to celebrate the city we call home.

The urban lifestyle is unforgiving and it makes us almost blind to perceive anything extraordinary about the city we live in. Every day, we rush past the gorgeous history buildings on our way to work or school, barely noticing how they have aged gracefully. A city is constantly whispering to us about its heritage. This heritage walk organized on the occasion of World tourism Day is a special way to discover the city's untapped and underappreciated riches. The Heritage walk will be lead by our city's own historian Bhushan Deshmukh and will commence on the 25th of September 2022 at 9am. Join us as we uncover the true spirit of our city, immersing ourselves in architectural styles as well as the city's social and cultural past.
Starting point: Ahmednagar Fort
Date and time: 25th of September 2022 at 9am.

Because a simple splash of color can make all the difference in life, we've organized a drawing and colouring competition for both youngsters and adults to celebrate World Tourism Day. Life is too lovely to be lived in black and white, so come join in. We have two age categories; first one is 8 years to 13 years and the second is above 13 years.

Date and time: 25th September 2022 at 10 am.
Time duration: 1 hour.
Age groups:      (1.) 8 years to 13 years and
                         (2.)   Above 13 years.

Nothing can truly compare to the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle. It is said that cyclists see far more of this magnificent world than any other group of citizens. A good bicycle is surely capable of curing the diseases that this flesh is heir to.  If the beauty of nature and the desire to rediscover historical landscapes is what turns your wheels, join us for a 45-kilometer bike ride from Ahmednagar Fort to Chandbibi and back.
Route: Starting from Ahmednagar Fort to Chandbibi and back to Ahmednagar Fort.
Date: 25th September 2022.
Flag Off: 6:00 am.

Isn’t running the ultimate trope for life? You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. Join us on the occasion of World Tourism day and breath in strength and breath out weakness by running 4 loops around the Ahmednagar Fort. Each loop will be 2.5 kms and you have to complete four loops for the 10k run. So grab your gear and prepare to see the landscape of the fort whiz by.
Date: 25th September 2022.
Flag off: 6:10 am.

Every participant will have post event refreshments and a participation certificate.