#30Th Weekend Run By Fit Feet Dharwad Foundation


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It is regular Weekend Long/Short Distance Slow Run(LSD) at beautiful landscape of Dharwad since nearing a year. Both men, woman of any age welcome who wish to improve their health & enjoy the group event.

Regularly follow us on FaceBook page #fitfeetdharwad for latest updates & event location.

Who are We:

We are a group of fitness freaks connected to each other through outdoor activities in Dharwad. We run/cycle/hike long distances in and around the beautiful landscape of this historic town…

The journey of FIT FEET, DHARWAD started unexpectedly on 21st February 2021, after 1st wave of pandemic lock-down. As every cloud has a silver lining - there came a few elite runners, who started running at RNS to improve their mental & physical health. They gradually motivated other walkers and enthusiastic people to run. Those who used to run a few rounds of RNS stadium started running for miles together improving and unleashing their capacity to become long distance runners. Many of them are now capable to participate in half and full marathons. The group started with few, grew larger and more diverse with people from different age groups and backgrounds having only one thing in common, the thirst for better fitness….

Apart from regular running at RNS stadium, we practise weekend LSD (Long Slow Distance) runs to increase our endurance. We are looking out to expand our outreach through social media so that people can join us. We are glad to have a few coaches and trainers and experienced people on board who guide us in improving our fitness, managing and coordinating outdoor activities. The group is growing and so is our enthusiasm. People from different walks of life can join us to run or cycle or hike…

So come on board ! We would be happy to welcome you…

Let’s celebrate fitness together. Let’s explore together the joy of breaking the limits. Let’s make Dharwad a healthy and lively city together !