Bhaago India Buddy

What is Bhaago India Buddy aka #BIB?

A selected member of the Bhaago India Exclusive #BIB community. #BIB community is a group of limited dedicated and passionate runners. BIB community adds a new member every Wednesday

Who can become Bhaago India Buddy?

Any runner who has completed at least a half marathon. Any Runner who is a part of any active running group. Any Runner who has significantly contributed to any running community

Why I should become Bhaago India Buddy?

Buddy will receive a personalised illustrated avatar. Early notification for the release of new content and features. Exclusive Deals on our Future Merchandise and Subscriptions. Get Recognised in the Running community

How Can I Become a Bhaago India Buddy?

You have to tell us why you are the right person for this position. Tell us what motivates you for Running?. Share your running experience. Send us a mail with the above details at [email protected]

#BIB Members