Move Strong - Run, Throw, Jump


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I am Yuvraj Singh - founder of Positive Physiotherapy.  

If you are a practicing Sports Physio, or planning to pursue Sports Physiotherapy, a MSK Physio who treats active adults, or a fitness coach who is involved in training athletes for performance enhancement, I am glad you are here!

How often you feel lost for ideas when it comes to rehabilitating clients after the initial part of pain management and restoring joint and muscle function? Most of us aren't trained in understanding the science underpinning foundational sports movements of run, throw and jump. These movements are the cornerstones of most sports activities and often don't get enough rehabilitative justice.
What are the necessary physical preparations before we initiate training? Are there programs to improve these abilities? How do I scale up or down the program to suit my client? Join Positive Physiotherapy and Kriya Kinesis (The Akhada) as we answer all these questions.

What we cover?
1. Mechanics of running, throwing, and jumping
2. What to look and where to look when you assess an athlete's ability to run, throw, and jump
3. Fundamental strength exercises needed at baseline 
4. Exercises and drills to improve movement competency of run, throw and jump
5. How to modify exercises for those with pain and/or mobility limitations
6. Return to play criteria

Who should attend? 
Although the course material is for healthcare and fitness professional, as long as you are enthusiastic about athletic skills, you will learn a lot from this workshop. 

Become the go-to professional in your area for athletes and active adults who want to improve their sports performance!

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