Event Details

Bombay Running is all about pushing runners to achieve their goals and personal best. In the past we have successfully executed varied events and one of them being everyone’s favourite called 5x5 where it was expected that the runner completes 5kms for five consecutive days.

This year we tweaked the concept and introduced a twist to the event. As the name 5:40 suggests every runner will run for 40 minutes for five consecutive days. So why 40 minutes and not the usual 5kms that we have been doing in the past.
Everyone has their personal goals when it comes to running but consistency in doing the activity over five days is most crucial. The reason we capped it at 40 minutes and not 5km as we noticed that new runners at times get overwhelmed by the mention of 5kms and tend to not take up the activity whereas Bombay Running aims to see all its runners soar high and progress.
We have earmarked five heritage scenic locations within Bombay to carry out these events.
For the sake of understanding these are a few examples of how runners may approach the event.
•New runners may opt to walk/jog the first few days and in all likelihood will jog/run the last two-three days (we say this with prior experience)
•Established runners will plan on covering the additional distance each day within 40 minutes thereby progressing those five days in terms of pace and distance.
•The event takes place from May4th to May8th. Registered runners shall receive a snazzy hand towel and five map cards for their reference. On ground hydration will be provided to runners on event days.
Runner’s shall be added to the 5:40 WhatsApp group and as always details shall follow in that group.