Avengers Virtual Marathon - Get Medal By Courier


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Avengers Virtual Marathon - Get Medal by Courier.

Run / Walk / Jog / Cycle at your own Place, Gym, Treadmill or any other Marathon Event.

Distance to be covered - 10 km.
You can do 10KM in one day or in parts like 1 km for 10 days or 2 km for 5 day or any random distance as per your convenience.

Share screenshot of your Timing App on whatsapp number 8097712656.
You can use any Fitness App Mobile App Timing app like MI, Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, Nike, Endomondo etc.
Run is to create Awareness about Fitness.
A virtual Marathon / Cyclothon is a challenge you give yourself to reach a designated goal of finishing a specified distance by running or walking or cycling at a time and location of your choice. ... The big difference is that you can run this race anywhere, with anyone, and any time of the day.

For Details whatsapp on 8097712656
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